Leadership Roles

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Leadership Roles

The hospitality industry is huge and has been estimated to grow more in coming future. This increasing ratio has given rise to the demand for graduates of the hotel, resort restaurant management from graduate, post-secondary and associated programs from colleges & schools.
The role of leadership is dynamic as there are some activities to be performed on the day-to-day basis. Here, there are few essential roles to play in maintaining resorts, lodging facilities, and other hospitality services. Hotel & Resort program helps to equip through the knowledge of performing various activities about the industry and so opting for a certified degree would assist you in
These are few responsibilities which a professional leader needs to take care of:

• Oversee the staff members and their activities right from clerical staff to janitorial services
• Plan and guide the assistant staff members for their daily activities of hotel/resort/restaurant
• Recruiting and training new people as per their roles in hotel/resort/restaurant
• Operating various departmental activities and managing them effectively
• Maintaining the property while checking out the accommodation for the guests
• Checking the quality of food and beverages stored and also served to the guests
• Coordinating with food & beverage, housekeeping, catering & convention, sales & marketing and other hospitality services
• Looking at the activities performed to provide better services rendered to the customers

After studying for restaurant management program, you can pursue a winning career in the hospitality sector. Theory, case-studies, and practical sessions are taught to the students so that they can become qualified professionals that have leadership qualities. Planning for sales & marketing activities with the acquired knowledge and skills is also one of the important duties of a restaurant manager. While talking about human resource management, restaurant managers also have to interview, screen and hire the employees for restaurant staff at every level; except the top most managerial level. Setting budgets while discussing finance plans for the restaurant with senior management is a crucial role which a restaurant manager is expected to play effectively. As a key role of a restaurant manager, organizing marketing activities and implementing them makes the whole restaurant work efficiently and thus helps in building a good brand itself.

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