Comprehending Leadership Styles

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Comprehending Leadership Styles

Leadership styles are the behaviors of the leaders and the way they treat the teams working under them. These styles differ from person to person depending on their experience, philosophy and the personality. Every kind of leadership style will have its effect on the environment and output given by the team. A good leader knows when to adopt which kind of style for a better result.
Here are some types of leadership styles:

Democratic leadership style
This is the one in which the leaders themselves participate in the work being done by the team. This style greatly motivates the members as it tells them they are important and the work they are doing means a lot to the leader as well as well as the organization. The team members are asked for opinions on every step and before any decision is made so that they feel that their contribution matters.

Autocratic style
It is a style of leadership in which the leader has all the authority, and he just tells the team what they have to do and how they have to do it. They are not asked for any advice or suggestion. This leadership style can be positive in case of any crisis but negative in any normal situation because it can lower the morale of the team.

Transformational style
Leaders adopting the transformational style are a great help when an organization is going through a change such as in which the staff is being replaced. At that moment this type of leader can motivate the workforce by creating new ways to involve them and by inspiring them with their enthusiastic and positive style.

Free-rein style
The leader does not direct the team how to do anything. They just tell the workforce what they have to do and by what time. The subordinates are given full freedom to decide their own policies and methods to do things.

Many other leadership styles exist as well. It is the role of a good leader to decide how to react to a situation at hand and which style to adopt to get the best performance out of the team. In any way adopted, the team should stay motivated and should be convinced to believe and follow their leader.

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