Become an Event Manager

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Become an Event Manager

Event management is a professional and highly skilled service offered by management companies. The managed events may range from a simple birthday party to a corporate function to a state function. Despite the disparity in magnitude, each event requires a certain level of competence that an event manager must possess in order to successfully pull off the event. Becoming an even manager may not be the easiest thing but following the guidelines will go a long way in ensuring you at least have the basics down.

Know your Stuff
As a manager, the one thing that you must have at your fingertips is a keen understanding of what the event at hand entails and requires. This is not simply in terms of physical goods and logistics but also in terms of the mood and atmosphere the event requires. Don’t ever assume that any two events are the same, even if they are simply a repetition of the previous version of the same event; treat every event as though it was the first. This may perhaps be otherwise called doing due diligence on the task at hand.

Now for many event organisers, picking the event venue is often left to the customer and yet this is not always the best option. The client may have an idea of what they want but they probably do not know exactly how their expectations can be met. Take time to go over the pros and cons of each potential venue and arrive at the best possible fit. Venues have the capacity to make or break an event.

Project Management
To become an even manager you must be a project manager; the next piece in the puzzle of becoming the best at event management. After doing due diligence and choosing a venue, the planning phase kicks in. How you organize the team, do follow-ups, track progress, perform simulations and dry-runs will determine how successful you will be when it comes to actual execution.

The execution phase is the pivot point for any event. How the event management team handles this will determine the success or failure of the event. In this phase, a number of things must be ready and accessible from the word go. All the required equipment absolutely must be in place well in advance; last minute deliveries are courting disaster. All the processes, rules and regulations must be well documented and followed down to the smallest detail. Everyone must work together as the event needs the unique talents and capacity of every team member. Ensure that the highest safety standards are enforced.

“If anything can go wrong, it will”, this is the event person creed; learn it and commit it to heart. Always have contingency plans and never let anything catch you flatfooted. Part of your contingency should be to always smile in the face of the worst misadventure possible. Keep your eye on the ball and never abort an event unless extreme circumstances demand it.

If taken to heart, these few tips will definitely keep you on the right track to not only becoming an effective event management professional but maybe even owning your own event managing company.

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